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Does antenatal training affect babies?

Population is one of the vital problems of a country which can lead momentous alterations in both economic development and even military force. Therefore political circle always adjust and publish new policies on fertility in order to promote the economy while it is during depression or it is over-flourishing. In 2015, China published Two-child policy which leads to a positive result in paying attention on children’s education. Parts of the society are started to focus on antenatal education of babies. As a conclusion, according to a huge number of experiments, no doubt that antenatal education and training does achieve a better learner during primary and middle school time.


Scientific evidences from China demonstrats that there are many different methodes to train fetus‘ receptors in their bodies. Usually listening to music can help fetus to excise their auditory sense. Japanese scientists did a reserch and discovered that the environment in the womb is not in scilence but including the sounds of blood flowing, sounds of digestive system squirming and the external noises of cars and telivitions. Among them, the principally regular sound is come from mother' s heartbeats.  Baby's growth at the beginning is accompanied by this kind of sound which could be the most familiar sound to the baby, and also is the only sound that baby accepts and comprehends. Forasmuch, sounds based on the main body is the best and safest sound to train the auditory sense of fetuses. Another form of moderate sound is antenatal training music, which is also suitable for babies. Pregnant woman listen to music can help with adjusting their emotion through hormonal regulation and then to ensure the health of babies. The sound signals with mothers' heartbeats stimulate babies' brains, thereby it can promote the development of babies' brain cells. This study leads to a result that babies who had taken antenatal education developed better and faster than babies who did not accept any antenatal education.


Doing sports is actually harmful to pregnant woman. This is because that loud action will make the blood in mother' s body flows faster than common, and heartbeats will also increase its frequency. It is significantly dangerous to fetus in the womb. Nevertheless, instead of doing sports, favorable exercise is another valid methode among antenatal educations. A uterus sways slightly will cause movement in position of fetus. This can train baby' s sense of keeping balance. At the same time, sutible exercise will give a positive effect on blood circulation and metabolism which is also beneficial for fetus' growth. 


So far, all sorts of trace indicates that antenatal training can give positive influence on both mothers and babies, however, the minority of triditional and rigid society still hold the objections. Even though several studies may convince the oppositional site. According to a japanese scientest, Shichida, who has published his opnions about antenatal training related to children' s psychological aspect in 2000 on the internet. In that articals, a study of modern child psychology displays that psychological development of child during his or her age of 0 to 3, is significantly important even to the whole life. Study indicates that the primary development of babies' psychology can trace back to the education babies received when who were still fetuses in mothers' womb. This can generalized into one sentance that the environment in mothers‘ womb decides the mental health of babies. Of course, good antenatal education can help with bulding excellent personalities.


Here are numbers of experiments did by scientiests in the past, and which shows the relationship between stimulation during pregnant and the effect on babies. An illustrious American Thompson experiment discovered that frightened pregnant mice will give birth to cowardly and seriously psychological disordered babies. Chinese professor Weibing Song instructed a test and outcroped that the noise will remodel the ultrastructure of fetuses' brain cells, and cause death of fetuses. And according to Hongwen Qi professor' s test, let pregnant mice listen music with strong rhythm or smooth tone will not only fluctuate the content of some unknown substance in mother mice' bloods, but wil also produce the strong memory to baby mice.


When these enperiments related to humenbody, it is summarize into that  If mother give negative attitude towards the fetus during pregnancy, after giving birth to the children, children will behave as follow, unwilling to be heart-to-heart infront of his mother, always crying, unwilling to learn things, reluctant to communicate with others, etc. On contrary, if mother had a comfortable emotion during pregnancy, and talk to fetus every day, baby will born with six features as follow, always smiling, not cry at night, learn words faster, smart with understanding and accept new things, outgoing and willing to communicate with others, right side brain grows better.


All of above reserches reveald the same result that antenatal training and education to fetus will give more possitive effect than negetive effect. Educational topic is not only stop on teenagers but even extend to fetus and which has became popular on contemporary. More and more learners and scientests is trying to get new methode in this field. Let us see what will happend in the future.






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writing outline:


first paragraph: Introduction of antenatal education → imformation and definition related to baby' s healthy


main body 1: listening to music used as a methode for antenatal education→ the scientific explaination of this methode→ the benefit baby can get from this way


main body 2: baby acept imformation from mothers' voice→ scientific explaination about this methode→ the effect on babies in uterus


main body 3: several experiments related to the antenatal education which can 


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Does antenatal training achieve better students during primary and middle school?

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thesis statement:

Antenatal education can achieve better students in primary and middle school study.




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